Week 5

We are so close to the finish line with one week left! Saying that, most things are getting finished. The Design Team has created a custom title block. The Build Team has been collaborating to organize all of their separate systems and our CNC machine hasn’t stopped for days. The Logistics Team is constructing the Switch for our robot to practice. Business Team is organizing scouting files and is almost finished with our Business Plan. The Programming Team helped with building this week. They also updated all of the robot’s technology. Keep on working hard!

Week 4

This week has been full of testing. The Programming Team designed complex driving functions to make driving easier. The Programming Team has planned and tested distances for autonomous. The Build Team put motors together and tested them. The Business Team has worked hard on the Woodie Flowers Award. The Design Team cut parts out for the CNC machine, followed by testing them and fixing what didn’t work. Thank you Erik Skeen for presenting to 2130’s members the procedure of welding the chassis!

Week 3

The third week of the 2018 Build Season has been stressful with finals and being exactly halfway through. Team 2130’s Business Team worked on awards essays and applied for another grant. We were visited by a Team 2130 alumni who shared some past experiences with the team. The Design Team worked on the arm mechanics. The Build Team installed our new lathe! Programming Thanks to our Programming Team, our robot has some autonomous moves. The Logistics Team built the scale and exchange for FIRST Power Up. 

Week 2

This second week consisted of many updates and the improvement of previous efforts. There was a lot of focus on pneumatics by both the Build Team and Programmers. The Design Team were getting main ideas onto paper, then converted to CAD to later be prototyped. The Build Team had to rearrange the electrical area, and worked on the battery storage. The Programmers created skeleton code for the final program named “PlusAlpha”. The Logistics Team is working on field elements. The Business Team started avatar creation, and continued working on our site. 

Week 1

During Week One, the team has begun preparing for all that this build season holds. Design and Build Team have spent many hours exploring multiple game strategies and ideas and have begun prototyping. The Business Team worked on awards essays, submitted news articles, and began updating our website and social media. The Programmers are adapting their code to the new revisions that FIRST has instituted for this season, and the Electrical Team focused on training new members to wire this season’s bot. A special thanks goes to Mrs. Garner for her Safety Training course which will help ensure a safe and productive season.