Past Sponsors

FIRST Team 2130 would like to thank our past sponsors for their generous donations!

The Fox Trust
General Feed and Grain Inc.
Deep Creek LLC
Lorna Finman
Carrick Remaley
FRC West
The Sundance Company
Bonners Ferry Masonic Lodge 43 AF AM
Al and Caroline Farnsworth
Monika Buell
Beta Sigma Phi
Helping Hands of Naples
Mike and Sue Claphan
Rick and Debbie Harker
Dr. Benjamin Yoder, DDS
Kramer Crane and Construction
Tom and Shirly Mayo
JB’s Tire and Automotive
Bonners Ferry Pizza Factory
Shannon Earle
Kim Norwood
Steve and Janis Habner
Steve and Carol Thompson
Ronald and Teri Cushman
RK Maloney
Earl and Linda Berwick
Grace Siler
Gardiner Prine Angus Ranch
Sandy Ashworth
Don and Judy James
Stacey Frederickson
Vicki McNally
Edda Woywod
Julie Hough
Dan and Joan Myers
Dan and Karen Meeker
Lola Melior
Larry and Judy Dirks
NW Specialty Hospital
Bonners Ferry Lions Club
Robert and Ina Pluid
Robert and Rona Hall
Richard and Elsie Hollenback
Albert and Terry Solt
Dan and Sara Yoder
Kenneth and Jan Harker
Patrice and Skip Rudinski
Linda and John Mowry
Ryan and Kary Fortna
John Yoder and Holly White
Karen Yoder
Hubbell Family
Matt Hubbell
Jeff Hubbell
Jim Hubbell
Tom and Lynrae Hubbell
Lee and Julie Colson
Bear Mechanical Services
Kaitlyn Tymrak
Science and Math Institute
Ervin Madson
Eric and Eileen Madson
Barb Hollar
Linda Alt
Dave and Pat Hall
Bill and Trudy Branson
John and Debbie Youngworth
Carla Kaessinger Coupe
Travis and Kelly Hinthorn
Pam Svec
Catherine Periolat
Kaitlyn Couch
Sue W.
Brian and Lacey Murray
Jeff S.
Carla Clark
Lisa McLain-Sharp
Tina Walden
John Lefebvre
Sue Williams
Kristina Westbrook
Ty and Lisa Iverson
Tyler Warner
Idaho Forest Group
Sandpoint Furniture
Kevin and Jennifer McLeish
Bonners Ferry Glass
Knights of Columbus
3D Systems, Inc
The Coca-Cola Company
Bonners Ferry Herald
Kootenai Wildlife Refuge