Benefits of Joining

Robotics has many benefits that can be taken away and used in life. The amount of these skills are endless, so here is a shortened list of the most applicable to our lives:


The team has to work together and create a robot. We have to plan, design, assemble, program, and drive our robots. Not to mention creating shirts, banners, flags, websites, etc.


Our team has to explain what they’ve done to create a functioning robot. We not only have to present to judges at competitions but also at schools, camps, etc.


Let’s be honest. Very few people in the world enjoy math. But in robotics it’s fun. Yet, you still improve your math skills. To have a winning robot you need to use numbers and calculations.


Our business team has to manage where our funds go. We do fundraising as well as have amazing sponsors which can be found here.


In a robotics team, you learn how to build using different materials and how to use tools. It is a hands-on experience that you won’t get anywhere else.


Before we can compete we have to plan everything. The whole team has to think of solutions on the jobs that need to be done in order to achieve the goals needed to complete the competition.


This one is pretty self-explanatory. You must program the robots to do what task is needed. Programming is another language. You have to take time and effort to learn it.


Everyone on the team must cooperate to create the perfect robot. Everyone has their assigned places and must communicate with others on everything being done.


You must manage your time, resources, members, money, materials, etc. You have tasks in every department and need to organize things in order to complete all of these tasks.


You get the connections to all of the students and staff. You also meet people from other schools. And all these people have the same interests. You’ll see these people over and over again and get to know them.


Inspiration from this article by the Huffington Post.