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Summer Robotics Camp

Our summer robotics camp is an annual educational camp put together and run by the high school students from the Alpha+ Robotics team to introduce kids to the joys of computer programming and robotics, as well as help kids learn teamwork and critical thinking skills.

Last September marked the beginning of our FIRST Robotics Team, 2130 Alpha+'s, fourteenth season and January 4 marked the beginning of what is going to be a crazy few months as we try to build a robot to successfully complete the challenge we were given that morning.
On January 4, students, mentors, parents, teachers, alumni, and community members all gathered early in the morning, eager for the 2020 FIRST Robotics Competition Kickoff and even more so for the game to be revealed with the game animation.
This year's game is under a 2 minute and 30 second time limit, in which two competing alliances of three teams work to protect FIRSTCity from approaching asteroids. Each alliance is tasked with racing to collect and store Power Cells to energize each alliance's Sheild Generators. To activate each stage of the Sheild Generator, teams manipulate their Control Panels after scoring a specific number of Power Cells. Before the match ends, droids must race to their Rendezvous Point to get their Sheild Generator operational for the city's protection. The game animation showing a video walkthrough of the game is shown above.
Last season, our team attended the Idaho Regional in Nampa, where, after a valiant effort, we had an exciting finish in the semifinal rounds.
We were awarded the Autonomous Award, which celebrates a team’s reliable, high-performance robot operation during autonomously managed actions.
Our team member, Clinten Hopkins, was also selected as a Dean’s List Finalist. The Dean’s List Award, named in honor of FIRST founder Dean Kamen, recognizes students who have helped increase awareness of FIRST Robotics in their schools and communities while achieving personal and technical expertise and accomplishment. Clinten was able to attend the FIRST Robotics World Championship in Houston, Texas, where he proudly represented his team, school, and community.

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