Alpha+ Team Updates

2020 Build Season Week 10

By Grace Hopkins / March 14, 2020

At the beginning of Week 10, we completed building our robot and we were finally allowing the programmers some much-awaited bot time. We were preparing to leave for our Idaho Regional in two weeks, but, due to the sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, FIRST canceled all regional events as well as the Worlds Competitions. […]

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2020 Build Season Week 9

By Kaylee McCabe / March 7, 2020

Our team accomplished several tasks during week nine. As competition approaches our build team has worked to finalize the robot. The electrical team finished wiring the robot. The build team finished and mounted our climbing mechanism, in preparation for testing this system. Our intake mechanism was mounted and tested, and found it to be very […]

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2020 Build Season Week 8

By Kaylee McCabe / February 29, 2020

Week eight has commenced. Our electrical team worked on wiring the proximity sensors, mounting our belly pan. The electrical team also worked on teaching newer members how to solder. The build team continued working on perfecting the intake system, as well as mounting the color wheel design. The color wheel design was also put into […]

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2020 Build Season Week 7

By Grace Hopkins / February 22, 2020

Week seven has concluded. Our electrical team has continued wiring our belly pan. Our build team has figured out how to stop the power cells from flowing freely. The build and design team have worked on the floor intake, and finished the ball holder flaps. The build team also worked on the bumper base, and […]

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2020 Build Season Week 6

By Kaylee McCabe / February 15, 2020

And just like that, week 6 is done! This week was quite productive, the build team is almost complete with the ball handler, our ball launcher is close to 90% complete, the robot’s ball grabber and climber have continued to be worked on, and they’ve brainstormed ideas for the control panel. Our programmers have been […]

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2020 Build Season Week 5

By Kaylee McCabe / February 8, 2020

Week five has come to an end. This week our electrical team created an electrical plan for the robot. The old robots got up to date with the new code. The design team worked on CADing the magazine for the powercells and the launchers walls, then they started CNCing the launchers walls. The business team […]

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2020 Build Season Week 4

By Kaylee McCabe / February 1, 2020

And that concludes Week 4! Our programming team has perfected swerve drive while also beginning targeting with Limelight. They have begun prototyping a winch for climbing as well. The design team has continued work on CAD while also training new members on how to use the program. This week our electrical team built and tested […]

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2020 Build Season Week 3

By Kaylee McCabe / January 28, 2020

Week three has officially commenced. This week the build and design team prototyped and built different feed-in mechanisms for the ball intake. The ball launcher has consistently been able to score power cells in the high goal. The build team practiced welding for frame assembly. Swerve drive programs were worked on, and the programming team […]

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2020 Build Season Week 2

By Grace Hopkins / January 17, 2020

Projects from week one have continued into week two. Programmers have swerve-drive running. Electrical has been working on mock-ups for the launcher as well as swerve-drive. Thursday, the team built our 4 swerve-drive transmissions. Our build team has been continuously working on the mock-up for our intake method, while also working with the design team […]

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2020 Build Season Week 1

By Kaylee McCabe / January 17, 2020

Week one was extremely productive. The programmers worked together to get caught up on the code structure changes for 2020. They also started to work on the code for the flat bot, and figured out how to read the encoder. The build team made several different prototype ball launchers, to find the most effective design. […]

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