Alpha+ Team Updates

2019 Bonners Ferry FLL Competition

By kerrie_elynn / December 11, 2019

For the third consecutive year, we’ve assisted with the Bonners Ferry FIRST Lego League Qualifying Tournament. This year we had three teams from Hayden, ID and three from our hometown of Bonners Ferry, ID, but for what we lacked in the diversity of roots we made up for in general spirit. This year our team […]

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2019 Build Season End

By kerrie_elynn / February 22, 2019

Alas, the last day of build season has come upon us. As we reflect back on the season, many thoughts come to mind. Through all of the good days, the bad days, the snow days, etc. our team has accomplished many great things together. Each member brought something new to contribute to every meeting allowing […]

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Build Season 2019: Week Six

By kerrie_elynn / February 19, 2019

We undertook and accomplished a lot of tasks in Week 6. Our Programming team started to get their code ready for deployment on our bot. The Build team finished the bot and turned it over for the Electrical team, who are wiring the motors and putting together the IGUS chains. Finally, the Business team submitted […]

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Build Season 2019: Week Five

By kerrie_elynn / February 9, 2019

Week Five was industrious. The programming team tuned the PID loop to remove shakiness from the elevator and enable the bot to stay level as it rises off the ground; they also finalized the skeleton code and tested their code with single action solenoids. The build team is prepping the robot for electrical and they […]

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Build Season 2019: Week Four

By kerrie_elynn / February 2, 2019

Week 4 was productive. Programming started on the main code, programmed the elevator, drive train, limelight, and intake, and they started working on lifting to level three. Electrical team prepped the electrical board. Design team designed the masts, carriage, and frame. And build worked on the masts, carriage, frame, claw, and cargo holder. The business […]

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Build Season 2019: Week Three

By kerrie_elynn / January 26, 2019

Week Three was productive. Senior programmers brought the newer programmers up to speed and started working on an autocorrect feature to keep the robot level while getting to the third platform. The build team is prototyping game-piece handlers and has cut out frame rails and brackets. The design team has focused on frame rails and […]

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Build Season 2019: Week Two

By kerrie_elynn / January 19, 2019

In week two the programming team figured out how to calculate distance with the Limelight so the robot can drive directly to its target. The newer programming members were able to program without needing help. The build team has made a prototype for the final robot. The design team has begun CADing parts for the final […]

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Build Season 2019: Week One

By Alpha Plus / January 12, 2019

The programming team started the vision tracking basics. They were able to connect their Limelight system to their navX/MXP system. They are working on having the robot find targets. Builders, designers, and the electrical team started to strategize and design the robot. Business team started the process of updating the website. They submitted an article […]

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Kickoff 2019

By kerrie_elynn / January 9, 2019

On Saturday, January 5, students, mentors, parents, teachers, alumni, and guests gathered for the 2019 FIRST Robotics Competition Kickoff and the much-anticipated animation video for this year’s game, FIRST Destination: Deep Space. Two competing alliances of three teams will combat unpredictable terrain and weather patterns on Planet Primus. With only two minutes and thirty seconds […]

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