2020 Build Season Week 9


Our team accomplished several tasks during week nine. As competition approaches our build team has worked to finalize the robot. The electrical team finished wiring the robot. The build team finished and mounted our climbing mechanism, in preparation for testing this system. Our intake mechanism was mounted and tested, and found it to be very proficient. The team also weighed our robot, and completed final requirements. Our programming team has been working on the skeleton code for the game, and worked on remaking the launcher code system. The programmers worked on updating code for our past robots Phoenix, and Super Awesome Lifty Thingy (.S.A.L.T.). Our senior programmer worked on proportional–integral–derivative (PID) loops and teaching other members this skill. Our business team is drafting a new grant proposal. The team also completed our competition packets. Finally, the business team worked on planning and sending invitations to community members for our robot reveal demonstration.

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