2021 Updates

Over the last year, our team has experienced an interesting fifteenth season. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, our team competed virtually. This included different skill competitions, where students used the robot to complete challenges. We submitted a Chairman’s award application, participated in the innovation challenge, as well as the game design challenge. Our team also had the opportunity to continue and start new projects. We may not have had the opportunity to compete in person, but were able to take on new challenges. This past season our team had the opportunity to build a scooter for a kindergartner at Valley View Elementary School that had trouble accessing the playground due to his disabilities. This scooter allowed him to access the playground with his friends. This project was featured on Krem 2 News. We hosted our annual summer camp, and participated in several other community outreach projects. Going into our sixteenth season, Alpha+ is excited to compete at the Idaho Regional in Nampa, Idaho.

2022 Week 5 Update

February 13, 2022

2022 Week 4 Update

February 12, 2022

2022 Week 3 Update

January 29, 2022