Visit the FIRST page for more information on the FIRST program and how it works!

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Chief Delphi

The competition and safety manuals both provide information on the requirements of participating in FRC.

FIRST Competition Manual 2017     FIRST Safety Manual

FIRST provides many scholarship opportunities for the students who participate. There are currently over one hundred scholarships available through FIRST.

FIRST Scholarships

For information on teams in your area visit the FIRST School Locator. No teams in your area? You can find information on starting a team under Rookie Resources.

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The Blue Alliance and The Red Alliance are websites that provide FIRST Robotics Competition team information, event results, and videos. This includes live feed of the competitions.

The Blue Alliance                             The Red Alliance

AndyMark Hosts FIRST Choice, which is how teams get some of their parts.

Go to FIRST Choice hosted by AndyMark, now!

Other Idaho Teams:

FIRST Team 1569, Haywire Robotics, in Pocatello

FIRST Team 3562, Livewire, in Pocatello

FIRST Team 3145, TeraViks, in Coeur d’ Alene

FIRST Team 1891, Bullbots, in Meridian

FIRST Team 2122, Team Tators, Boise

FIRST Team 2594, NASKCOrpion, in Nampa

FIRST Team 3251, Savage Pride, in Salmon

FIRST Team 3513, Misfit Toys, in Rathdrum